Milos’ guide & highlights

      Part of the Cyclades group, Milos is a wonderful volcanic Greek island. Its crystal water, colorful rocks curved by the sea and lava, isolated beach and peaceful vibes made it one of my favorite summer destinations. 

Greece has so many islands (6000 in total!) it took a while and a lot of research to decide where to go. I fall in love with Milos just looking at the photos and I’m so glad we went. Needless to say how enjoyable were the view from the plane so make sure you have a window seat, you’ll be amazed!



The famous Venus de Milo also known as Aphrodite of Milos (100 BC) was discovered on the island by a local farmer in 1820. 


By air: Flying is the quickest mode of transportation. The 45 minutes flight operates 3-4 times per week.

By sea: Several ferry vessels depart from Athens Piraeus port and dock at Adamas the main port of Milos. The duration can take from 2.5 up to 7hours depending on the company and route. They also connect Milos to other Cyclades (Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, etc…). 

We went for the plane option so I would not be able to recommend the best ferry company but you can find more details and schedule online (hyperlink).


Soak under the sun during the summer season from June to September. We went for a week mid-June and couldn’t be happier. There were tourists around but the beach wasn’t crowded and the roads were quiet enough for us to pull on the side and take photos while we were driving. 


Adamas is the most popular destination in Milos and main port of the island. The lovely waterfront town could be a great base if you’re looking at a central location. The village has everything, large choices of accommodation, tavernas, shops, car rental, nightlife and it is where most of the sailing tours depart from. The nearest beach is about 500 meters away from the village.

Pollonia is where we’ve stayed. The small fishing village has just all you need for a beach holiday. Quiet area with great choices of family run accommodations, a few tavernas and cafes and a long soft sand beach. There is one grocery, a pharmacy and a couple of shops, car rental and travel agencies along the promenade. The beach is nice but isn’t the most spectacular of Milos but perfect to soak in the sun next to your room or apartment. The sea is good for swimming (no rocks) and the trees all around the beach provide you shade in hot days. 


We’ve really enjoyed staying at Captain Stavros in Pollonia (hyperlink). The Greek style apartment was perfect for the two of us, cleaned and comfortable with a functional small kitchen. It is owned by a lovely Greek family that made us feel at home. It is located in a quiet area about 20 minutes driving from the airport and a short walking distance from the center of Pollonia. There is no pool which is common in Milos but you just need to walk 5 minutes to be by on the beach! It also has a private parking if you need a spot for your hired vehicle.

Plaka is a charming traditional Greek village up in the mountains that offer the most beautiful views of the island and magic sunsets. Renting a vehicle is a must since it’s quite a long way from the beach by walk, a small car would be ideal to go around the picturesque village and its narrow streets.

Off season I’d recommend to stay in Adamas as most of the restaurants and shops stay open through the year.


Sarakíniko ‘the moon beach’ is a must visit! The white rocks shaped by waves and wind are unique and the blue of the sky and sea makes it even more beautiful. You can spend your time taking photos, swimming and cliff jumping if you’re into it. There is only a small beach area but you can chill on the rocks and check out the natural pool. 

D8F10DEF-11C9-4959-8218-7A17D0856222The parking lot is large and easy to access from the main road.

Firopotamos is a picturesque beach next to a waterfront traditional Greek fisherman village. Walk to the end of the path if you want to see the small ruin or laze on the beach all day. The clear turquoise water is fantastic for swimming and snorkeling. As you drive down the cliff the scenery from the cliff is breathtaking, you won’t be disappointed! 

659C2D2A-996C-4876-9001-B181DD384AB4There is a small parking area down the road and I’d recommend to get there early in high season to get your spot. 

Paliochori is one of the largest beach of Milos surrounded by pinkish rocks that makes it special. Paliochori is more ‘civilised’ than other beaches of Milos, you’ll find restaurants, sun beds and water sports. It is located about 30 minutes from Pollonia and 20 minutes from Adamas driving through the local villages which are worth seeing. 

BBC29553-B15F-4631-B902-67E63414F9A8You’ll find a large parking right next to the beach.

Papafragas is a wonderful place to swim through the cave and the rocks. It is a tiny beach tucked between two high cliffs, great for swimming not sunbathing. If you don’t fancy climbing down the tricky path you can just admire the view from the top next to parking area.

Kleftiko, the pirates hide out. The spectacular spot with amazing rock formations is only accessible by boat (more details below on boat trips). The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling around the caves. There is no beach but you can sunbath on the boat and enjoy the surrounding views. Don’t miss it!


Sikia, the wonder cave! The hidden beach is also only accessible by boat. Pack your snorkeling gear and camera before getting off the boat. It is quite rocky aqua shoes are recommended for swimming in the open cave.


Milos has so much to offer, take a map, go explore and find your favorite spot! 


Although taxis and buses are operating, the best way to explore Milos is by having your own vehicle. The most spectacular beaches aren’t walking distance from the main towns but nothing is really far away. You can rent cars, scooters and ATVs from Adamas or Pollonia at reasonable rates. We got a small automatic car for 40€ per day, you’ll get a cheaper deal if you go for a manual.

Most of the roads that link to the main attractions are paved. For your safety avoid the dirt roads, your hotel can provide a map of the islands which shows which roads are accessible or not. GPS work fine in Milos and getting a SIM card would make your life on the road a little bit easier. 



A must if you want to see the hidden gems of Milos. We’ve booked a sailing trip with Drougas Tour (hyperlink) which was wonderful. You can book through the office in Pollonia or Adamas. Check the weather and try to avoid windy days. You can choose between two routes, the blue and the red. We went for the blue one which covered more than the half of the island. If you’re not sure, get details at the office, look at the photos and decide which one suits you best.

Ioanna and Dimitri the captain couldn’t do more to make us happier. We were well welcomed on board, the schedule was clear and we had enough time in each stop to enjoy swimming throughout the day.

The boat leaves at 9m and returns around 7pm. Cost is 70€ per person. The boat departs from Adamas, if you’re staying in Pollonia you can book a taxi transfer at 15€ one way through the agency.

Breakfast, lunch, drinks and snorkeling gear are included. 

Don’t forget to pack your towel, sunglasses, suncream, hat and camera!


I do hope that will help you organise your trip to Milos, would you have any question feel free

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