Day trip to Silk Caye, an excursion to Heaven on earth

36 kilometers off the coat of the Placencia Peninsula you can find the wonderful and protected marine reserve of Silk Caye, a picture perfect island in Belize. This little atoll is the definition of Paradise! A tiny sand bank with palm trees surrounded by the most clear turquoise water and home to magnificent marine life. Whether you're looking to book a snorkeling or diving session you'll end up on the same boat, great for groups who want to experience the day together enjoying different activities. What to expect of a day trip to Silk Caye? In this post you should find answers as well as a detailed schedule of the tour and how to book your spot.

What to expect of the Monkey River Tour in Placencia

Well known for its tropical vibes Belize is also home to some of the most amazing variety of species in the eco system of this world. From crocodiles to toucans, howler monkeys to manatees and even jaguars, the fauna and flora is very abundant and diverse. One of the best way to see the animals in their habitats is by going on a trip to the Monkey River in the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, a must do in Belize! If you'd like to meet the creatures in person here is all I can recommend to ensure a wonderful experience through the river and jungle.

Flying over the Great Blue Hole of Belize once in a lifetime

This dark blue marine hole sinking right in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef is by far the Top 1 Must See in Belize. 70 km from the coast, the site was first explored by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and have been an iconic diving spot ever since. Experiencing this natural beauty is fascinating and not only for advanced scuba divers, nowadays you can book a scenic flight over the hole that depart from the Belizean islands of Ambergris or Caye Caulker. When it comes to a trip of a lifetime, flying over the Great Blue Hole of Belize should definitely be on your bucket list! Here is why...

How to rock a visit to Teotihuacán from Mexico City

Everything you should know to make the most of your visit to the largest pre-Hispanic empire in Mexico. From important informations such as entrance fees, transportation cost, opening hours to what to expect in Teotihuacán and how to beat the crowd. Not to be missed if you’re in Mexico City, the views from the remaining Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon are terrific!
The holy site is located 40 km North East of Mexico City. It is now an archeological zone easily accessible where you can admire the Mesoamerican Pyramids. The ancient city was first settled between the 1st and 7th centuries AD and collapsed around 600 AD. The monuments were burned and sculptures were destroyed before its habitants abandoned completely the city in 750 AD.

Los Angeles for first timers

In this blog post I put together a list of what to do as a newbie in LA from the most famous landmarks to fun activities. Feel free to read all about my first time travelling to the city of Angels, find inspiration and enjoy planning your next visit to the amazing Southern California!

5 Top Things To Do in Koh Phangan when it rains

It’s that time of the year, November and it’s wet on the island. After living in Koh Phangan for a while I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to enjoy the beach during the monsoon season, especially if you’re there on short vacation. Here is a list of fun things to do when the weather is not as its best and make the most of your holidays.

6 Best Things To Do in Miami Beach

Discover my top pick of things to do in Miami Beach. Enjoy yourself on beautiful sandy beaches, feel the energy on main the strip and walk around stylish Art Deco buildings for a back to the 80’s feel under the Florida sunshine.

The latest travel guide to El Nido, Palawan Island

This is for every beach lovers hunting for the picture perfect. Is your holiday dream swimming in the clearest waters of unreal lagoons and lazing on the whitest sandbanks? Then the coastal town El Nido is your destination! With this guide forget the hassle of hours of research, I'm sharing everything with you from how to get there to the best areas to stay and the top activities.

What makes the 3 Gili Islands so different and where to see the turtles

Planning a trip to Indonesia or a getaway from Bali? These 3 tropical islands just off the northwest coast of Lombok are worth checking out! From the most remote to the most popular, there is for sure one of them that suits your taste. Here are some good informations that should help decide which one of the three island is for you and get a chance to swim with the turtles.

The ultimate Milos Island guide

In this article you'll find everything you need to know to plan your trip to this peaceful destination of Greece. From how to get there to the best things to see as well as a few tips to help you having the greatest stay. Milos is a volcanic and stunning island part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Archipelago. The crystal water and unusual rocks curved by the sea makes it really unique and special.

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