About Me

Hey, I’m Sydney and my home is everywhere!

After spending some time running around the world it’s time to share my top favorite destinations with you.

Travelling is the best thing that could have happenned to me and it has proven that dreams do become true. When I was little I always pictured myself drinking coconuts on a paradise beach and it has happened! I’ve spent over two years living from one island to another, waking up in the morning to stunning sea views and living bare foot.

I’ve found happiness in my travels, created meaningful relationships and explored some of the most beautiful countries. And it is not the end, I’m currently travelling around Central America until mid-January and really loving it so far!

Everyday is about experiencing new things and discovering the globe for beauty. I’m so grateful to continue such a fantastic journey and very excited for the future to come.

I do hope you’ll enjoy the reading, get inspired and share your experiences. Let’s get in touch and make the most of our next adventures!


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