Day trip to Silk Caye, an excursion to Heaven on earth

36 kilometers off the coat of the Placencia Peninsula you can find the wonderful and protected marine reserve of Silk Caye, a picture perfect island in Belize. This little atoll is the definition of Paradise! A tiny sand bank with palm trees surrounded by the most clear turquoise water and home to magnificent marine life. Whether you’re looking to book a snorkeling or diving session you’ll end up on the same boat, great for groups who want to experience the day together enjoying different activities. What to expect of a day trip to Silk Caye? In this post you should find answers as well as a detailed schedule of the tour and how to book your spot.



You’ll find severals agencies and diving schools offering days trips to Silk Caye from Placencia with more or less the same itinerary. I can only recommend Sea Horse diving who provided a well organised tour with professional staff members to look after us throughout the day. We booked the shared option and joined 8 other guests on board, a mixture of scuba divers and snorkelers as well as two guides and a captain.

You’ll meet the team a bit before 9am at the dive shop in the village to sort out your equipment before leaving on over an hour boat ride. The journey is a bit long but well worth the trip with beautiful islands to look at along the way. The more you’ll approach Silk Caye the more exited you’ll be, the view from the boat is breathtaking!

Once you get there, the local ranger will brief you with the do’s and don’t before you start exploring the underwater world. Don’t take anything with you but memories.

After the quick speech, divers will go back to the boat while the snorkelers will enter the sea from the shore for a 45 minutes session around the atoll.
In our opinion the sea life was less abundant than other spots in Belize however the corals were probably some of the nicest we’ve seen, alive and colorful. We followed Harry our guide who took the time to show us the different kinds of corals and exotic fishes. We saw French angel fishes, squids, parrot fishes, trumpets fishes, snappers and a few others tropical ones that I can’t remember the name of.

After an enjoyable moment in the water you’ll go back to the beach and relax for a while waiting for the divers to head back for lunch. Food included is rice, chicken curry, salad, bread, peanut butter and jelly as well as fruits and biscuits for dessert. Vegetarians you should be fine, I don’t eat meat and had plenty of food.

Then you’ll have time to enjoy yourself and take a few photos before heading back to the water. Divers will board the boat for their second dive and snorkelers will leave again from the beach to a different spot a bit further.

Once everyone returns you’ll be heading to the last surprise stop. The captain will anchor after a quick ride from Silk Caye to the area where the fishermans throw the unwanted parts of their catch of the day back to the water. This attracts all the big creatures you could think of, loggerhead turtles, a multitude of nurse sharks from different sizes as well as giant sting rays and majestic eagle spotted rays. There was so many animals that we didn’t know where to look. A fun show and the best way to end up a day to Heaven on earth!

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-Snorkeling/diving equipment
-2 snorkeling stops advertised but actually 3 (for snorkelers)
-2 tanks dives and 1 quick snorkel at the last stop (for divers)
-Fresh water
-Life jacket, not mandatory but available if needed


To book your day trip to Silk Caye you can either pop at the Sea Horse dive shop in Placencia Village as per the above map or online by clicking here.

Cost is $90 US ($180BZ) for snorkelers per person. Not sure how much diving would be but you can find out by contacting them directly.

I am so grateful I got to explore Silk Caye in my life. I was talking to a local who said to me that in about 10 years time the atoll might be completely swallowed with the water rising. It used to be much bigger than it is nowadays, don’t wait too long before it will be too late…


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