5 Top Things To Do in Koh Phangan when it rains

It’s that time of the year, November and it’s wet on the island. After living in Koh Phangan for a while I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to enjoy the beach during the monsoon season, especially if you’re there on short vacation. Here is a list of fun things to do when the weather is not as its best and make the most of your holidays.


Immerse yourself with the locals and learn how to cook your favourite Thai dishes. Start the course with a visit to the local market and pick your own ingredients. Set yourself in the kitchen, learn how to prepare tasty dishes and how to use asian spices. Before you leave enjoy the feast and take your recipe home. A fun and interactive experience whether you’re a cook or not!

Vegetarian options available, just inform the team when you book.

Price: 1200 Thai Baht per person (Advanced booking required)
Duration: 4 hours
Contact: here


You’ve probably notice there are massage parlours at every corner in Thailand. Thai massage is definitely a thing, even for the locals. I used to go really often to relax after a day at work or in the weekends to recover from a big party.

Massages are really cheap, usually 300 Thai Baht for a traditional Thai Massage and up to 400 for Coconut oil (great moisturizer) and Aloe Vera (good to heal a sunburn). Prices are a higher in upscale resorts but still affordable and sometimes they allow you to use their facilities free of charge.

You should definitely treat yourself! This is one of the thing I miss the most about living in Thailand!

What is a Thai massage? The traditional Thai massage is made of firm pressures on your whole body with use of tiger balm. A mixture of stretching and pulling from toe to head which will help relieving tension and muscle pains. The local masseuses are tiny but have more strength that you’d imagine. They sometimes walk on your back and tights and always end up the practice with a couple of twists for back stretching. If you’re like me and don’t like too much pressure on your body don’t be shy and let them know, they usually don’t speak amazing English, just say ‘soft please’. The practice might not be safe for those with back injury such as herniation for exemple, don’t worry there is always a full list of other body and face treatments as well as foot massages or scrubs.


Koh Phangan is a great base for reconnecting with your body and mind. There are serverals schools and shalas around the island that offer daily classes for the beginners to the more advanced. Cost is usually around 300 Thai Baht per person to join a class that last 90 minutes.

Here is a selection of great yoga schools:
Siam healing center
Orion yoga
Ananda Yoga & Detox center
Giaia Yogashala
Agama yoga

Check their websites or Facebook pages for the schedules. You might need to pre-book or just walk-in depending on who you’re going with. Keep in mind the road closures, if flooding occurs on the island the road that links Thongsala to Sritanu is often close.

Your hotel or guesthouse might also offer yoga classes which are mostly beginner oriented, if you’re new to the practice or want to try for the first time this might be a great option and you won’t need to travel from place to place under the rain, just ask the Reception.


Spend the afternoon or evening drinking Chang beers, shots and cheap cocktails in one of the island’s pool bars:

Echo Beach & Hostel (Baan Tai)
The Masons Arm (Thongsala)
Bangers and mash (Baan Tai)
Sandcastle Clj (Haad Rin)
Cocohut Village Beach & Spa (Haad Rin)


Why not using your imagination while trying something new? This place offer 1, 2 or 3 day course for anyone who wants to create his own piece of jewelerry to bring back home and learn making techniques. You can arrive with an idea in mind and produce your design in a workshop. This is a fun and educational experience in Thongsala (the main town) near the market.

Price: star from 1500 Thai Baht for 1 day course with hotel pick up & drop off included
Contact: here


The Moonlight Cinema, the only big screen in Koh Phangan has definitely closed its doors. You can still enjoy movie nights at some of the hostels and resorts.

Stay safe and avoid riding motorbikes under the rain, the roads aren’t great!! Taxi are always available and cheap 😉

Don’t let the rain spoilt your trip, get a cheap waterproof poncho from 7/11 and enjoy yourself! x

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