6 Best Things To Do in Miami Beach

Discover my top pick of things to do in Miami Beach. Enjoy yourself on beautiful sandy beaches, feel the energy on main the strip and walk around stylish Art Deco buildings for a back to the 80’s feel under the Florida sunshine.

1. Take a walk at South Beach boardwalk


Start off from South Pointe Park (1, Washington street) towards the pier and sea side promenade. It is a nice walk as well as good for running, cycling or roller skating between the palm trees. There are fountains and showers if you need to cool down and direct paths to access the beach along they way.

2. Hit the beach


The beach is very wide and there is space for everyone use for sure whether you prefer to rent a bed or sit down on your towel. There are tons of options and prices varies depending where you’re going to.

On our first day we hired a king size bed cabana at 1Hotels (by 24th street) for $125 a day,  quite expensive (as everything else on South Beach) but really enjoyable. The beds was comfortable and wind free. The price includes the large bed and as many sun loungers and towels as you like around it. Bear in mind that 1hotels only accept card payment on the beach.

On the followings day we went to Esteban’s place (between 16 and 17th street) and got a cheaper deal, two single beds for $15 each and an umbrella for an extra $15. Total for the day $45.

3. Picture stop at the Art Deco district



Interested in the Miami design? Head to the Art Deco district to see the streamline modern and minimalistic buildings. Best snaps can be taken on Ocean Drive or by the Essex House (1001 Collins Avenue).  Great on sunny days but also at night when lights are turned, same spots but different vibes.

4. Sunset walk and cocktail on Ocean Drive


The must see in Miami Beach, you’ve probably seen the famous strip in the movies. Bars, music, multicolored neons, palm trees and sport cars passing by. Good spot for pictures, romantic walks or drinks with friends. Bear in mind that great locations don’t have always good food..

5. Stroll down Española Way 


Española Way is a backdrop of historic Spanish architecture, a Mediterranean feel in the middle of Miami Beach. It is tiny but has a great selection of restaurants from Spanish oriented to Italian cuisine. For a better atmosphere I’d recommend to go for dinner or evening drinks rather than lunch.

6. Have a meal in a classic old school Diner


What would a trip to the States be without indulging in American food? You might try Big Pink on (157 Collins Avenue). Huge menu to choose from including egg bennies, pancakes, burgers and shakes as well as decent options for vegetarians. Retro atmosphere and BIG portions! They serve all day breakfast, lunch and dinner and are open until 5am on weekends if you feel like a late night meal.

Overall Miami Beach has lots of places to relax or hangout. It gets crowded on the weekends but quieter on weekdays, your call to decide what kind of vibe suits you best. 4/5 days is enough to enjoy everything I’ve listed and get a nice golden tan. The island is small and no need to rent a car as you can walk or take a quick cab ride to most everywhere.

You might also check out some of the rooftops, parties, the Lincoln Road Mall and why not to explore the Keys islands if you have extra time.

Enjoy yourself! Xoxo

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